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Introducing the New Rawhide Processor by John McDonaldRawhide Portable Corral, Inc., Abilene, KS, now offers the Rawhide Processor designed and built only by John McDonald. This innovative portable corral system has hydraulic transport wheels which are raised and lowered with the flip of a switch, no need to remove them. This model is a gooseneck with a sheeted maually adjustable alley and features the options of: 1) hydraulic adjustable alley which allows you squeeze cattle in the alley. 2) a head gate may be mounted to the end of the alley 3) a loading chute may be built in. A 15 amp solar panel is standard equipment on all of our models, no need to recharge your battery. This Rawhide Processor comes in the same 3 sizes our Original Rawhide Portable Corral has, the Standard, Large and Super Large. For more information, contact John or Mary McDonald at Rawhide Portable Corral, Inc. 785-263-3436.